How We Work

What defines Techbit is its work practices and the process of managing the work among employees to provide quality services to clients

What Stage You Are



Requirement gathering and understanding

First step for all stages

In this phase of project, we start first conversation with the customer in order to gather exact requirements and need for the software. Gathering requirements is not that easy, so we follow standard tools defined for system development and life cycle. System or business analysts are the people who do this job and they develop RFP following various tools UML, DFD, ERD etc.


Wireframes & UX Design

From idea to featureset

This is a stage where we are clear with the requirement and customer also gets a sense of what needs to be developed. Our team develop a full design in visual that represent user experience and how the product is going to be used by the end customer. This is mostly approved by the customer and development team follow the same design experience for the whole life-cycle of the software.


Real Coding and Testing

Start building idea into real product

All right, this is the stage where development team really start building the software using an appropriate technology. Core architecture and performance factors are considered before hand that helps in future for not re-constructing any idea due to such failures. Software is developed using Agile based approach so that customer will remain in-tocuh with real parts of the idea and suggest for any rea-time change. Nobody wants a surprise, so we believe in this theory to sync our customers on various levels of development.


Testing and Go live

Final implementation stage

Customer is always happy on timely and quality deliverables and keeping that in mind, we push the developed idea for testing and quality assurance. Once assured, final implementation is done on the customer's servers. This stage we call as go live and after this we give support and maintenance services to look after any real time bug and scenario.

Reliable Services


We Work With Passion



Competitive Pricing

Outsourcing is becoming a common method to cut down the business expenses and get a real product in a cost effective manner. Our clients receive the bebefits of lower cost with quality.


Experienced Developers

Techbit Solutions recruit the talented developers having good technical and educational background. Our criteria to select candidates is through various technical rounds.


Fast and Timely Delivery

With the ability to work under pressure, we deliver a quality product and in a timely manner. Continuous feedback and demonstrations help our teams to ensure about the deliverables and also that avoids any surprises at the end.

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