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Techbit has a wide range of services in the software development and engaged as a technology partner with many clients across the globe. Technology always matters when its about developing strong revenue generating products for clients where we choose best industry standards.

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  • Custom Software Development

  • WebDevelopment

  • Mobile App Development

  • SoftwareTesting

  • Cloud/SaasDevelopment

  • UI/UX Design

Custom Software Development

  • Shipment

    UPS, DHL, FedX and many other careers are providing their APIs to configure into web apps to automate shipment of products. Techbit is developing...

  • Logistics and Transportation

    Techbit Solutions’ logistics and transportation services help the business organizations understand the worth of technology investments while man...

  • Travel and Tourism

    Techbit Solutions is deeply into developing smart software for the agencies, travel companies, and tour operators to assist them in centralizing ...

  • eLearning Solutions

    Techbit Solutions use years of experience in the education space to offer customized e-learning and educational solutions in the digital era.

  • eCommerce

    e-Commerce web development has nowadays become a prerequisite rather than a means to drive greater traffic. We, at Techbit Solutions, one of the ...

  • CRM / ERP / HRMS

    Customer Relationship management solutions have formed a value for its consumers as technology-centric solutions that can literally take care of ...

  • Healthcare Application

    We assist health tech beginners, medical organizations and individual healthcare professions to build up ground-breaking healthcare solutions tha...

  • Desktop App Development

    Techbit is developing desktop applications using Window Forms and WPF technologies by following Industry best standards and third party controls...

  • .Net Development

    TechbitSolutons is a .NET software development company offering the large scale of high-end programming services to its clients across the globe.

Custom Software Development

  • HTML5/Bootstrap

    Responsive design is actually the key to making your business website successful. The hiking Popularity of the mobile devices like tablets and sm...

  • NodeJs Mean

    Node.js is a cross-platform, an open source which is broadly used for the development of faster, reliable, server tools and network applications.

  • Enyo and Ember

    Enyo is now available at Techbit Solutions. One of the most important feature in Enyo is 2.7 is a switch to a usual JS-Style module system.

  • ReactJS

    It won’t be an overstatement to say that JavaScript is omnipresent. It has literally become one of the powerful programming languages and with br...

  • AngularJS

    In past five years, Angular JS has been evolving tremendously. It has actually advanced from Angular JS version 1.0 to angular version 2.0 and no...


    Techbit Solutions offer guaranteed quality and quick execution of the web projects spanning custom web applications to the complicated enterprise...

Custom Software Development

  • Xamarian

    The Xamarin app development has fetched a great degree of recognition on the global platform. This technology has a great efficiency to reuse and...

  • Ionic Cordova Development

    Techbit is developing mobile apps using Native and Hybrid technologies. Ionic Framework is one of the technology

  • Phone Gap/Sencha Development

    Phone Gap is obviously one of the most powerful and feature rich cross platform app development solutions existing in this rapidly growing techno...

  • AndroidAppDevelopment

    Understanding the reputation of attractive android apps, we at Techbit Solutions are committed to develop the best featured mobile apps in order ...

Custom Software Development

  • ManualTesting

    Manual Testing is one of the processes of spotting the defects or the bugs in a software program. In this procedure the tester has got a major ro...

Custom Software Development

  • AWSDevelopment

    Techbit Solutions, a prominent web and mobile app development organization has an unbelievable experience in Amazon web development services.

  • Microsoft Azure Development

    Windows Azure is one of the most preferred, flexible and open cloud platform offering an ease of work on the global network.

Custom Software Development

  • Logo/Banner Designs

    Techbit Solutions work with you, make use of your ideas or the pre-existing logo that need a refresh. The end product is ready for everything no ...

  • HTML5/CSS3 Designs

    Based on our HTML5 web design services would be the best options to get the most responsive and innovative designs for your website.

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