What we offer in our services

Web Development

Customized web application development is based upon the requirements from the end user. Decision to follow a development technology is taken after having complete understanding of final product. Customer oriented approach we follow.

ASP.NET Development

ASP.NET is always a secure technology as compared to many web technologies and our team provide full services on developing a app using ASP.NET technology. Software is targetted to window server and IIS as a web server. ASP.NET is always good to follow.

MVC 6 and Web API

ASP.NET MVC 6 is latest in the market using .NET core as a base framework. As a service provider we learn newer technologies and offer our clients to upgrade their apps to newer version from Microsoft. This is how things work well in a service based approach.


ASP.NET Core framework includes many new features and also it has deprecated many existing .NET features. Software is targeted to Nano server but supporting last server editions. Techbit tends to provide support in terms of upgrading existing apps to newer technology without taking any learning curve.

AngularJS Development

Angular has become a preferred client side framework to develop a rich and interactive web application. Angular and Angular Material Framework are followed in our web apps in order to develop a responsive web application. It always make use of some additional scripting frameworks i.e. ReactJS, SignalR, SammyJS for more user friendly experience.

NodeJS/MongoDB Development

MongoDb with NoSQL is followed to store big data in a un-structured form. It not only improves the performance of the web app but also help to reduce the license cost of many paid services like MS-SQL, IBM DB2 or Oracle. NodeJS help to be a server to respond all requests from the client app that is developed using Angular.

Microsoft Azure development

Techbit aims to develop cloud based web application using Microsoft Azure services and instance management features. Our services include web apps that are developed to be hosted on Azure instances including Blob storage and other azure features.

PHP development

Php is an open source web technology to develop web application to be hosted on linux based server. With Php development service, we help such clients having very simple requirements of their product with a limited budget and having a limited scope.

Mobile app development

TechBit not only develop mobile apps, but also ensure solutions that help in maximizing your returns on investment. We ensure that our work processes deliver high quality mobile apps as per your requirements. Our expertise in delivering scalable, Interactive, innovative & robust mobile apps has delighted many customers across the globe.