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ConferenceCall is one of the largest conference call service providers in Canada and is known for it's easy to use conference call service. When ConferenceCall was launched our goal was to create the easiest conference call service possible. Since 2008, thousands of companies and organizations in Canada and abroad used our easy and cheap conference call service. ConferenceCall is a brand of Telecom 360 and has local presence in multiple countries.


ConferenceCall provide free and paid conference calling service specializing in online meetings, screen sharing, video conferencing, and much more for business purpose. ConferenceCall give freedom to choose how to connect to meetings – be it through phone, desktop or web browser.


ConferenceCall is industry leaders providing innovative value by offering a complete set of free audio, screen sharing, and video conferencing features, equipping with a great free conference calling solution. As a pioneer in offering free and reliable teleconference services, ConferenceCall serve over a billion minutes a year of all-digital conference calls to businesses and individuals requiring top-tier performance free of charge, with options to upgrade.



ConferenceCall takes the hassle out of booking meetings with automatic invitations and reminders. When user schedule meeting on ConferenceCall it’s easy to add participants’ names and email addresses (and even easier after uploading address book). Once User Have scheduled the call, and without doing anything else, everyone instantly gets the information they need. User invitation includes the day, date, time, dial-in and/or log-on instructions, as well as the meeting name and an option to reply Yes, No or Maybe. Which help users to quickly and easily confirm their attendance.


And One of the Major feature which was bit complex for us to build was Screen Sharing as we had to make sure security of the content shared with implementation of the authentication and validations as User can share their screen from Mobile, Desktop or Web application with some easy steps in between a call with various other options. It help screen sharing with no downloads required!


It's very easy to schedule conference calls in advance with automated email invites, RSVPs and reminders with access to all post-meeting details in one concise searchable record and ConferenceCall as well help user to Record their conference as an MP3 with a single click. Where they can share and save their conference call exactly as it happened.


Techbit Was approchead to build multiple applications for Mobile, Web and Desktop which will help users to connect with each other on commercial basis. We used ASP.Net MVC 5 for development of best collaborative application which help users to perform various tasks and ConferenceCall has big feature list including Invitations and Reminders, Online Meeting Text Chat, Online Conference Call Active Speaker, Free Conference Calls, Online Meeting SMS Notification, Local Conference Numbers, Web Scheduled Conference Calling, Smart Meeting Summaries, Conference Call Recording, Auto Transcripts, Web Conferencing, Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing Document Sharing, Free Screen Sharing, Free Conference Call App and more.


Listing of technologies used for development of ConferenceCall Web, Desktop and Mobile applications: Architecture ), SignalR, NUnit, EF 6, MVC 3/4/5, WCF/ WPF, CSS, HTML5, TypeScript, Angular, React, Socket.IO, SQL Server 2012



Major features:

  • Free HD audio conferencing for up to 1,000 participants
  • Online meetings with screen sharing and video conferencing
  • Chat with meeting participants
  • Dial in using the Internet (VoIP) or GSM
  • Zoom in or out on screen sharing content

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