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****Contract and Document management*****


Contract Room is an exceptionally strong document management, e-signature, and corporate negotiation product with all core functions rolled into one. It enables all lower to higher level organizations to discover the power of data-driven negotiation and contracting. While there are still opportunities for better integration with ERP and CRM systems, the underlying database architecture of Contract Room makes this not a matter of time.


This architecture also makes the software incredibly flexible and customizable, letting the users to  create custom tags to manage different types of documents in the most effective way. Overall this is a great product with a ton of potential which will only get better as time goes on. It helps users streamline their planning, negotiation, contracting, and tracking to improve productivity, control and intelligence with Negotiating the agreement with internal and external stakeholders real time is one of the functionalities which is a USP of this contract room. Contrack Room is robust reporting with no room of data discrepancy as the information is directly retrieved from the agreement tags as it is very user friendly and eliminates messy paperwork and archaic processes which help in A multi party collaborate process which provides a very efficient and effective platform to negotiate, close and manage all aspects of a negotiation.


Techbit built whole ERP and CRM applications modules of Contact room  which helps in reducing overall RFP/ITN processing time with better visibility and leverage over savings opportunities. Hold vendors accountable for compliance breaches which Get more agreements completed faster. It's major feature include Monitoring collaboration internally and externally from proposal to contract as it has automatic alerts of any legal and/or business changes affecting renewals.


Both the ERP and CRM applications were built using Angular 4, TypeScript, ASP.Net MVC 4.5, Web APIs, jQuery, Telerik Data Access, HTML5 / CSS3, Windows Server 2012.




Major Features:

  • Contract Content & Process Control
  • Multiparty Collaboration
  • Workflow Automation
  • Data Capture
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Agreement Construction module

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