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iSALUS Healthcare was founded in the year 2000, by Dr. Chuck Dietzen, a Pediatric Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist with a mission to provide web based clinic management solutions. MediSavant’s product suite for medical case and care management transforms the traditional episodic based clinic management to a proactive and collaborative population health care management paradigm. About five years ago, the management and board of directors at The MediSavant set an aggressive goal. They wanted the physician’s source for solutions that improve practice performance and reduce time spent on administrative tasks, allowing doctors to spend more time with patients. They set a goal to make healthcare process fluent for all the parties including doctors, compounders, and nurses for patient care and quality in North America. To achieve that goal, they needed to be able to manage, measure and improve its performance in several key metrics.


The iSALUS believed Techbit could use prior experience in process management within the manufacturing industry to help transform the existing process where Techbit helped in development of Electronic Health Records, Billing & Scheduling,, Billing Services, Telehealth and Patient Portal



sometime, The iSALUS dealt with numerous challenges where Techbit's Healthcare IT Specialists assisted them with a process. Today iSALUS has artifice their product by combining business process intelligence and electronic health records to improve the process of identification, stratification and management of the health of a population. iSALUS focuses on care managers on the right interventions at the right times.


With Techbit’s built EHR Solution, iSALUS is improving operating efficiencies and outcomes by integrating workflow, information and decision support across the care continuum, improving collaboration amongst multi-disciplinary teams. iSALUS combines innovation, technology and process knowledge, strong relationships and a business approach based on healthcare principles to give the customers and partner the power to succeed.



We were expected to build Clinical management and Practice management system to change the panorama of healthcare for future generations by providing solutions that dramatically improve the quality and cost of care. To build the value of their business through a passionate, customers.


We came on conclusion to build EHR solution which will do well on US health department compliances, such as HIPAA and HL7. Solution was specially built for US customer and is being used by counties in SFO.


Well, Techbit build solution and all above, it was appreciated by all the users utilizing it. Pages were loading fast, application never crashed as we built it with clear divisions between back-end (APIs, business logic and application service layers) and front-end (presentation layer). Since the data and logic could stay untouched, it was simply a matter of devising a new presentation layer.



While development, we met hundreds of issues but we make application done and build multiple components and different architectural structures to make it possible. Client was more than happy as clinical management and practice management system was build in client’s budget and time frame which was even approved by US health organization with the stamp after review all the compliance which are monetary to be if application need to be used within US.


Project model was so sophisticated. Every recording can be sent to a main server from where they can send record in web repository, where it’s available for immediate review.


Well, Today iSALUS is growing at full swing and it’s among top healthcare solution provider in North US.  iSALUS is no physician’s source for solutions that improve practice performance and reduce time spent on administrative tasks, allowing doctors to spend more time with patients. iSALUS is a leader in providing Healthcare services designed to deliver the low cost, performance and scalability benefits of various cloud computing techniques. Our built solution was cost effective and no staff at iSALUS users works tirelessly to explain every aspect of the iSALUS cloud, and the migration road-map. At present they have a safe and successful journey through the success route. We have utilized lasted latest security standards to make patients sensitive data flows between heterogeneous platforms or various vendors.



Major Features:

  • Scheduling Modules
  • Billing Module
  • Billing Module Documentation
  • ProBaya: Smarter Platform for Behavioral And Mental Health Care Organizations
  • VetCould: Veterinary PMS
  • iSALUS FairCould: Hotel PMS

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