S2 Analytics

S2 Analytics is a complete solution for traders and investors to trade on Nifty, NSE and BSE. It provides various features to markers to make money through online portal. With the help of online registration and easy monthly plans, users can get access to important data from NSE and BSE, can see the performance of shares through graphical presentation and download excel reports to share it across to various users via email or so. In technology, it’s developed using Angular as front-end technology with backend as C# Web API. For real time notifications, SignalR is implemented as a notification framework. Backend is more secure and light weight access through MongoDB and MS-SQL. ETL tools are implemented to gather and process realtime data from various sources. Data Gathering and processing is done in various formats but there is a single database on the backend to store the processed information. Challenging part is to handle and process data for various users registered into website that is handled using C# best coding practices and optimization approaches. Following are the best features of the product:

  • Graphical/Chart presentation
  • Realtime Data
  • Realtime Notifications
  • Performance Reports
  • Dashboard with trending performers

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