** Shipkee: All in One Shipping Solution**

Shipkee offers shipping at a fraction of the time and cost for all of their Users / Consumers. Whether they are looking for a competitive edge as a small business, sending a package to a business partner overseas, or seeking a shipping solution that provides more options in one place; Shipkee is the place for personal and business needs.


Shipkee provides a free savings analysis and saves users from the hassle of comparing Costs, Booking, Tracking, and Analyzing shipments with required carriers to increase the ROI on Investments and Shipping.


Need: Shipkee idea was brought into light by the client to make the complicated process easy which allows users to know the costing of shipping product overseas with keeping track in real time.


Solution: Client Approached Techbit to convert his Idea into business model which Techbit Successfully delivered in terms of SaaS based Application which fulfills all the user’s needs at once place.


Benefit: Techbit built Cloud based solution which helped individual users and especially businesses as it help them to know the costing of shipping their products overseas with keeping their track of their multiple packages from different carriers.


Shipping regulations are constantly changing. To avoid the costly fines of failing to comply with customs or export codes, Shipkee needed a more effective process management solution which will help them and their users to find the cost of shipping with tracking their carriers at once place with multiple instance.


Techbit built whole application from scratch which enabled users to find out the status of their shipments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without having to call to shipping service provider. It as well help users to check with the pricing of the shipment in advance if needed using tools. This helps users to save time and obtain an electronic proof of their shipment status, which they can forward as they wish. Technologies Techbit used for this application includes ASP.Net MVC 5, Angular 2, C#, HTML5 / CSS2, Javascript.


Major Features:

  • Schedule a courier pick-up
  • Get rates and transit times
  • Save frequently used information
  • User account management with creating portfolio

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