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SpoonFeedMe was idea of Spoon Feed Me Pty Ltd provides an online peer to peer education service that offers concise university video summaries, notes, and cheat sheets by top students. It empowers talented students with the ability to help others maximize their potential in their studies. The company was incorporated in 2012 and is based in Bondi Junction, Australia. It provides talented students with the ability to help others maximize their potential and exceed in their studies. Online learning enables students to take advantage of diversified media properties such as video, audio and photographs, which cannot be incorporated into traditional learning model due to cost constraints. Technology converts learning into an engaging two-way process that requests user-involvement and integrates social media capabilities like Twitter and Facebook.


Technology has changed the very facet of the education industry in Northern Region of India. As the evolving economy is capitalizing on intellectual resources in the classroom, technological innovations have made it possible to push education beyond boundaries and develop flexible learning modules through virtual learning. Techbit has huge share in development of educational application where our consultants have a substantiated understanding of the education industry and the ways in which technology can mobilize the learning process. In the span of over ten years, Techbit has partnered various corporations, schools, universities, colleges in harnessing the power of software solutions where SpoonFeedMe is among them.



Techbit built whole SpoonFeedMe application from scratch in AngularJS, ExpressJS, HTML5/CSS3, MS SQL, Web APIs, Stripe (Payment processor) and JQuery. Our main focus was on building robust and secure Learning Management System which will facilitate students to share their study content which will be helpful


Major Features

  • Fully responsive & Cross platform compatibility
  • Easy Video, document and Files upload in various different file formats
  • Flexible servers helpful for fluent video buffering
  • Easy Payment process and Usage management with Content management
  • Reporting and tracking of all the activities taking place on application

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