Strategy Deployment

Strategy and Goal deployment application is based upon Hoshin Kanri Chinese method to ensure that a company is progressing well as per the strategy defined and corrective actions are taking place at different levels of an organization to achieve a common goal or objective. In Strategy deployment, all the members of an organization has to sit together and defines the common goal for their organization. This goal is sub divided to various smaller goals at various levels that target to common goal. Every department is assigned one performance indicator known as KPI to alert for any tracking of various goals. KPIs needs to be filled monthly/quarterly or yearly by each department and target review meeting shows all the cascaded values from all the departments to ensure common goal is going to meet as per the time defined. In case of any missing target, members has to define action planning of the system. Some other tools are also incorporated i.e. Root Cause Analysis (RCA) that is followed in order to identify all the problems faced and then finding an corrective solution.

In this tool, challenging work is to define Strategy at various levels using X-Matrix form and then understanding the requirement of the whole system. Matrix Dashboard showing KPI and their different values on the basis of forecast/ planned values. All information is shown in form of graph and charts. In technology, tools are developed using HTML5, ASP.NET MVC, C#, Knockout, JQuery and MS-SQL Server. Following are the important features of this tool:

  • X-Matrix Layout to define strategy at different levels
  • Dynamic Dashboard with Drag/Drop functionality to customize dashboard
  • Matrix Dashboard for data population at different levels
  • Cascading KPI to work on parent/child relationship
  • Trent analysis and performance reports
  • Help and Support system for any help

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