July 2, 2020

6 Advantages of Asp.Net Core
  • Riya Handa

Asp.net is the most effective and amazing web application development framework build by Microsoft. It has been seen as a game-changer that is already helping developers to create a high performing with innovative features web application solution. Though Asp.net MVC is still trending, but the demand for Asp.net Core has increased in recent times.

Plenty of web applications have been developed using Microsoft Technology. Asp.Net Core has a lot of advantages and amazing features. It is open-source with cross-platform support. It successfully supports Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Let’s have a look at a few advantages of Asp.Net Core technology and why it is in demand:

  • Performance: Probably the best favorable advantage of Asp.net core is – its quick and solid performance. Dot NET Core is incredibly quick, certainly faster than some other frameworks like Node.js, PHP, or the vast majority of the java frameworks. At whatever point you compile code, it naturally gets upgraded to accelerate the performance. The best thing about it is that you don’t need to change your code again and again. You can simply recompile it and ASP.Net Core will enhance the code directly. In the event that we talk about its speed, as per the ongoing pursuits and studies, ASP.Net Core performs 900 times quicker than past technologies.
  • Perfectly Designed Language: C# is one of the most wonderfully structured languages. It’s considerably more modern than Java or PHP and doesn’t have configuration blemishes like JavaScript and is specifically not normal for Python and multi-purpose, in contrast to Ruby. On the off chance that you need, you can utilize F# for some part or even a whole application where the functional programming is increasingly appropriate. C# and F# are 100% compatible, which means you can utilize C# libraries in F# and the other way around.

In addition, these codes that you compose are reusable. Since you compose asp.net in a C# and .NET framework, you can reuse the code in different windows, windows phone, xamarin, Xbox, IoT or even Linux applications Isn’t excessively astonishing!

  • Productivity: With libraries like WebApi, SignalR, OData, EntityFramework, and language highlights like Linq, you can get such high productivity, those java developers can just dream of. All the Microsoft expenditure and experience have been used here. Take the benefit of it!
  • Easy to maintain: It is just a reasonable logic that lesser codes are a lot simpler to keep up than the complex ones. It probably won’t be simple for a new developer to comprehend this pattern however a veteran designer without a doubt realizes how to enhance the whole code in ASP.NET Code which takes lesser articulations. It doesn’t mean that it takes just takes the lesser measure of code in the development of a web application anyway it is really simpler to manage and maintain. It additionally improves the nature of Microsoft application advancement.
  • Supports Cross Platform: With regards to web application development, it is essential to ensure that the application supports the entirety of the platforms. The advanced ASP.NET Core has this quintessential feature of cross-platform support which means it will let you make web applications that can run effectively on Windows, Linux, and Mac. The whole backend utilizes C# code and won’t be tough for a new developer to get it. For example, utilizing xamarin technology, an engineer can without much of a stretch make an iOS application and can additionally use a similar code for making an android application also. All you should need to hire an expert dot net developer who is well acquainted with the cross-platform feature.
  • Support Cloud-based Development: It is constantly advised to create cloud-based applications. ASP.Net Core offers incredible support for cloud-based development of applications. Regardless of whether it is a huge venture or little, Asp.net core offers the development of several kinds of web applications, Mobile backend, IoT applications, and so forth.

Hence, Asp.Net Core is undoubtedly the best answer for any sort of enterprise business needs. It can build astonishing web applications for your business. It is created as a multi-platform that can be run on Windows, Linux, and Mac by taking care of numerous requests each time. It’s of a modular design, refreshed programming model and productivity improvements are certain to make it well known with developers. By and large, we can say it is acceptable to see Microsoft re-inventing its product in view of things to come.

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