June 5, 2020

Online Form Builder – Built with Security in Mind
  • Riya Handa

In the past, digital forms relied upon complicated passwords that had to be changed regularly for security. But a new type of online form builder replaces the old, restrictive way of creating forms with a seamless, intuitive design process that enables a fingerprint scanner to be used for user identity and security. No more stolen or lost passwords to delay online data collection and form submissions.

Cloud-based forms are an increasingly popular way for web-based organizations to gather information online. But with data theft on the rise, it’s critical to have both an easy and secure way to collect information without risking the theft of valuable personal or corporate data. This challenge require a new kind of online form builder for Winchendon, Massachusetts that changes the way forms are created – one that uses biometrics.

The use of an online form builder with biometric security offers a number of benefits:

  • It provides flexible, secure, cloud-based options for gathering and submitting data
  • It offers thousands of form styling combinations
  • Easy form development for applications, surveys, schedules, and more
  • Unparalleled biometric data security

Thousands of styling combinations with a variety of customization options can make your forms unique and engaging. This innovative online form builder enables you to easily design virtually unlimited types of forms to collect the data you need for new leads, customer engagement, surveys, or anything else you may need.

This enhanced form building provides an improved workflow function that enables form designers to create more intuitive, creative, and easy-to-use forms that encourage users to fill them out and submit them, knowing their data is secure. This new way of creating forms makes it ideal for accepting online payments, providing quotes, collecting rent payments online, enabling users to schedule appointments, collect medical information, and it even simplifies the job application process.

To learn more about this innovative form builder with biometric security, contact the form-building specialists at Blazetools LLC.

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