About Blazeforms

Blazeforms lets user conveniently turn any type of paper form into an easy-to-fill online system, which can be shared with co-workers or customers. Once filled, these forms are saved into your private storage, from where you can search and retrieve them later as printable PDF or Word files.

Project Objective

The Client is a forward-thinking IT service company with a consumer market consisting of different industry professionals and provide software platform that automates and organizes various companies back-office operations while focusing on the customer and improving customer experience.

Project Idea was to build a data driven dynamic form builder web application to create simple to complex forms fulfil needs of any industry following parameter form objects. We intend to build universal and cross-platform compatible application whereas regular change in different industries’ regulatory could be hassle free to keep the forms up to dated.

Technologies We Have Used

Major Offering Of Blazeform

Pre-build form templates were built specific to different industries including Energy, Legal, Oil & Gas, Educational, Real-Estate, Hospitality, Healthcare, and Logistics as per their standards. Provision for user to use or edit existing template were given or else could build custom form from scratch using Dynamic form builder tool.

Drag and Drop Builder

User don’t need any technical expertise to start creating forms.

Build Any Form

With hundreds of field types, user can recreate virtually any type of form.

Easy Retrieval

Find submitted forms inside searchable database with custom views and filters.

Accept Payments

With built-in Stripe integration, turn forms into invoices and start accepting.

Publish Anywhere

Blazeform’s versatile publishing system allows user to publish forms on any site.

Easy Retrieval

Find submitted forms inside searchable database with custom views and filters.

Powerful Organizing

Allow user to Organize Forms into Workspaces to reflect information flow.


Automate forms into multi-user workflows with powerful Workflow builder feature.


Delegate forms and fields to different staff members of office with level control.


As a professional form builder it makes the changeover to deal with a complex forms pinfire such as forms for EMR, HRMS, Finance, Sales. It follows compliance for gathering private data, with Encrypted data for secure accessibility of forms that make it easy to fill out forms. Conditional properties which assist users on how to operate form with various validations were also introduced.

Full Authentication and validation were implemented on forms for fields Text, Currency, Measurement, File Upload, Signature, Tables and more. Techbit developed entire cycle of quality control where the client’s internal quality assurance team, could submit the cases and save the data with generating reports for perfection.

Some of the challenges team faced while project evaluation got were:

  • Enhanced feature of HTML form building.

  • Create and edit industry specific form templates with Custom controls.

  • Industry specific forms to automate their data entry operations.

  • Multiple subscriptions module for organizations.

  • Adding customized forms to support any new program or service.

  • Print any form user creates with a built-in Word integration.

  • Report module for evaluation to check Form performance through in-depth analytics.

  • Integration of Morpho Fingerprint Scanner for authentication into web application.


Techbit followed agile methodology and Enterprise architecture for analysis, design, planning, and implementation with comprehensive approach for successful development.

Application has proven record of building dynamic forms for generating leads, distributing surveys, collecting information and more. It has gone beyond just forms with data gathered to analyze it with help of reports. To manage large database capacity Partition elimination approach was followed to save lots of query time at the expense of a little compile time.

Techbit took the challenge to build application which will be helpful in creating forms, checklists and inspection sheets such as Registration Form, Checklist Form, Transfer Form, Appointment Form, and Evaluation Form.

Components built for application are;

  • Flexible enough to make simple form to contact detailed multi-page form.

  • Replicate any paper document in a digital format.

  • Ink any form to the record for instant access and data tracking.

  • Simplify form development by allowing modifying existing system templates.

  • Create Own drop-down lists, check boxes, list boxes, text, date-pickers, and more.

  • Integration of Fingerprint devices for authentication into web application. Morpho Fingerprint Scanner.

  • HIPPA and PCI Compliance.

  • Embed navigation links to related forms.

  • Reference data from other areas of the system.

  • Company did major code refactoring and standardization for project maintenance.

  • In addition, team continually working with the client’s team on the new functionality and maintenance of the platform to keep it up-to-date with the fast-changing
    business and technology landscape and secure its stability.

  • Workflow Forms allow to automate entry approvals across different departments in an organization.

  • Document Merging and Parsing.


Our team enabled application to react faster to the end user’s demands and plan future product elaboration better and efficiently. As a result, Application has secured its position as one of the most successful and technologically-advanced players in building forms.

We are proud and happy to make our contribution for building application with some of the best features available on market.

Not only does the Dynamic Form Builder improve efficiency while collecting data, it is also fully integrated with the Dynamic Report Builder to deliver instant analysis of any data captured from custom forms.

Application as well run ad-hoc reports to provide a structured overview of the users’ input in different types of reports, such as charts, data tables, text reports and number reports to save them for future access by any of staff, through standard reporting module. Application has increased Return on Investment with adding value to client’s services.

Eliminates the cost and hassle of paper forms
Searching for and misfiling paper case folders
Easily access historical records
Maximizes efficiency by including all data collection forms in one system
Simplifies the transition to paperless records
Cuts data entry time by loading information from one form to another
Saved lot of time from Pre built Form templates with customizing existing templates
Helped a lot in Data Collection in simplest form where manual process could take much time

Unleashing The Power of Innovation

Through this case study, Techbit demonstrated how our cutting-edge solutions have empowered businesses to overcome challenges, optimize operations, and achieve remarkable growth.