Food Delivery

Food On Doorstep With Few Clicks From Food Delivery App


Roadster Diner

The client's requirement was to build an online food ordering system, a restaurant online can be setup a the customer can easily place an order. Tracking the order is done easily, it maintains customers' database and it helps improve the food delivery service. The Restaurant can even customize online restaurant menus and upload images easily, it helps the customers to easily access it and place orders at their convenience.

User can also search by rating. User can communicate to service provier with the help of messages and notification from provier end. On the other end provider has the facility to add or reject request from person who want to join the service.

With the mobile app, users will be able to order, pay and receive the delivery anytime and with a click of a button.

User can even use it on branches to collect stars and win free stuff. This one’s filled with perks that’ll keep things fun for the whole squad by collecting stars for cash-back, freebies, sending vouchers to their friends and much more!


The objective was to design and develop On-Demand Food Delivery App/. The case study of On Demand Food Delivery App and its creative process for interaction design: check the user experience solutions for food order and delivery mobile apps. Technology has also contributed to the changes in consumer preference as their dependence on technology has moved them to do everything online including getting cooked meals delivered to their doorstep.

Major User Roles:

  1. Restaurant Panel (Each restaurant login)
  2. Customer Mobile Application (Android/iOS) (Mobile/Tablet)
  3. Driver Mobile Application (Android/iOS)
  4. Super Admin Panel

Online Food ordering platform is the client who has restaurants and they wanted to make their online presence and provide their customer’s online food ordering service.  Customers can order food from different locations based on their locality and food will be delivered to their homes. Online secured payment, live order tracking, cancel an order, repeat order, ratings to
driver, etc.

Technologies We Used


During the project development and design, the project environment, technology curb and time constraints were the major challenges that we worked on. The client wanted that when the user browses the menu list, they will get preferred food items based on their recently searched or previously ordered items. Our developer has faced little complexity on it, but with the help of a senior developer, it’s almost completed within a time frame.

Major challenges faced during development of delivery apps:

Not Considering Features:

To maintain brand value, considered some top features that the team can boost the usability and fluidity of the app. Neglecting the technological trends would not be profitable. So, team develop a keen eye on all the upcoming and advanced features to increase customer engagement.

Logistics Issues:

Prioritizing a huge amount of orders in the initial days of investing in a food delivery app can bring difficulties to my startup. Other logistics issues like allotting vehicles can also hamper the solution. So, team focused on features that will improve the delivery router, order scheduler, location tracking and so on.

Low Quality:

Delivery of the same quality and quantity is a major challenge in the sector. Also, vibrations and movements on the roads while transferring the dish to the customer's doorstep add more stress. Working on packaging and safety guidelines can sustain the quality. Team used high-quality packaging products to ensure the protection of the meal.

Massive Order Volumes:

If a business takes many orders but does not have an efficient support team to carry out those orders, it can be a fatal flaw. Large order volumes may lead to low-quality services, compromising on food quality.


Techbit Built a solution which allows users to order their meal in 3 simple steps and get it delivered hot & fresh to their home or office and Exclusive Special offers: Access special offers unique to every branch exclusively on the App. And user can Save multiple addresses to quickly choose a location while checking out.

Team's approach was to Discover & Empathize, Define, Ideation, Prototyping, Development and then go with Testing before deployment.

In London and many other towns & cities our PIS at bus stops/stations has helped to make public transport more punctual and predictable for the passengers.


Business Benefits

Team learnt numerous new skills throughout this project in particular. The foundation of this project is based on C# and React Native. It was interesting to gain knowledge of the workings of how food-ordering apps functions. How a query is processed or not processed. Knowing when a query should be processed and in what way. How to send a query and receive results. The team overcame the challenges and delivered interactive, fast, secure and user-friendly apps.

Improved Quality Content and recalls

Top deals feature and perks for existing users on Apps.

Increased the Traffic and ROI

Simple and Fast food ordering with three simple clicks and checkout.

Food searches synchronized automatically with restaurants for better delivery.