Write 2 Self

Write, Schedule, and Send Letters to Your Future - Self


Write 2 Self

The client's idea was to build a social app to Motivate and help users to set their long-term goals which allow users to write a letter in the present to their future self which will be later to be delivered to them by the time and date set. The future date to deliver self letter could be anywhere between days, months to years.

The application has different paid user membership options allowing them to access different sectors/modules of the application and the app does have an internal advertisements structure as per the membership architecture.

The idea for the application was then put on the page with a featured listing defined. Application basic feature was described as allowing users basically from the educational and corporate industry which would allow uses to Write a letter to their future selves where they have to write a letter/text with a provision to attach an image which can be published publicly on the portal/site or privately by Picking a receiving date(Day/Week/Month/Year) as per the user's need which further delivered via email or mobile text.reject request from person who want to join the service.


Team started with the analysis of the client’s idea to build robust social service web application and mobile (iOS / Android) apps which will allow users to write, schedule and send letters to themselfs, friends, and family members in the future or any other coming day and time which get delivered on time.

Actual requirement were evaluated to be with below features:

  1. Quick Google, Apple or email sign-in.
  2. Choose a delivery date or occasion or let us surprise you!
  3. Never miss a letter with delivery-day notifications.
  4. Set reminders to write future letters to family, friends, or yourself.
  5. Edit letters for up to 2 days after you send them.
  6. Follow public letters, so you can catch their epilogues.
  7. Get great ideas for writing letters worth reading.
  8. Enrich your letters with photos and videos.
  9. Relive the love: look back over delivered letters whenever you need a boost.
  10. Send unlimited letters with a Premium upgrade.
  11. Private space for users with pro features allowing their members to keep in check with their letters.
  12. Letter sharing on social sites and embedding their custom page on the website.
  13. Custom email design modification for the end user receiving the letter.

Technologies We Used


Team manged to work well on the fundamentals of the application based on the architecture defined. There were few challenges.

Some of the Challenges the team got were for:

Designing fresh new ideal UX and UI for the new concept as it was first time introduced to the industry.

Building a Custom template module allowing the user to customize their space.

Building an internal Payment processor and integration with the third party.

Embedding module allows users to page directly on their own website or blog.

Providing back-end architecture and engineering with cloud deployment.

Website / Blog Embedding option with WordPress, Squarespace and Weebly.


First Project's Scope was defined by going on the regular team and client call to put all the requirements on paper and later Application's Architecture. While the project consisted of Web Application, Android and iOS apps. Users can access the application and apps based on any device they have regardless of their location.

The application was built with the intention to build an environment where users (students, corporate employees, teachers or anyone) can write a letter to themself which can be delivered to them later in their inbox after a set time and it could be days, months or years. On the Public board, anyone can Read Public Letters which are not set as private.

The application's interface was built with a very easy-to-use format as it's primarily for Students or people starting with their carrier. All users have to do is to create an account with email or single-click signup and then log in to the account to view a list of letters they've sent and collection letters which have already been received to date.

Team followed the standard approach of Building a Custom template module allowing the user to have their own customized page including custom text format/colour, WYSIWYG, Background colour, time chose options, language preferences with live preview.

Business Benefits

The application we built can efficiently and cost-effectively handle a million users and it is now open to any industry not specific to few where any user can signup for free or get the tasks such as filing claim paperwork, auditing invoices and managing non-deliverables for customers that opt for the value-added service. The integrated TMS also removes the guesswork from the equation; customers can track their shipments until final delivery through the application's online portal.

Some direct benefits clients got from applications are:

Intuitive user interface and specific modules for users.

Automatic letter formation.

Allow users to create a personal page with multiple members.

Lowering administrative costs and reducing errors.

Allow complete privacy to user's letters with full description.

Cost-Savings and Quality Control with Flexibility.

Optimized Legacy Modernization with Cargo Management Systems.

Robust and Secure Web Applications / Portals.