Techbit is a leading React JS development company specializing in building world-class software & applications that upscale your business. We have an in-house team of ReactJS programmers with a proven track record of providing solutions tailored to our client’s bespoke needs and expectations. We utilize ReactJS’s component-based architecture to create highly-engaging and innovative UI design web applications.

Hire a Dedicated Reactjs Development Team

ReactJS Full-Suite Services at Techbit

ReactJS Application Design & Software Development

We build dynamic and progressive web applications using the reusable components of ReactJS.

React JS Plug-In Development

We create reusable plugins along with a variety of extendable applications by fusing React & Flux.

React JS Migration

We provide full support to move your existing website to ReactJS while having an intuitive, secure, and user-friendly interface.

Maintenance and Support

ReactJS web and Mobile Applications require continuous maintenance & support to align them with the ever-changing browser & mobile configurations. We at Techbit understand this, and therefore, we have a dedicated department to taking care of your needs.

ReactJS Mobile App Development

We have expertise in building hybrid applications using ReactJS technology that delivers unparalleled user-experience.

ReactJS Consulting

We provide complete consulting services across technologies to help you decide on the best approach that meets your needs and business objectives.

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Why ReactJS Development Services?

  • It’s Simple, Scalable, and Fast.
  • ReactJS Works on Cross Platforms
  • Its Smooth and Trouble-Free Nature.

Best ReactJS Development Company

We at Techbit, always strive and excel in delivering best-in-industry React development solutions that present great value to our clients of varying industries. We are internationally renowned for providing cost-efficient, reliable solutions that focus on our client’s specific needs. We programmers have vast expertise in building progressive web and mobile applications that align with your bespoke business objectives.

We have on-board a talented squad of ReactJS coders, who have years of practical industry exposure to various complex projects. Our developers are well-versed with Both ReactNative & ReactJS and have used them to develop small & enterprise-grade projects. Our portfolio illustrates that we have come a long way in building a wide range of abstractions with reusable React Components. This can easily be integrated to your needs, and ultimately lower the development time considerably.

Why Trust Techbit for ReactJS Development?

  • Dedicated Resources at Cost-Efficient Prices.
  • Adherence to Your Budget and Deadline.
  • We Serve Enterprises Worldwide
  • Deep Focus on Delivering Unmatched Quality and Customer Satisfaction.
  • Complete Transparency & Privacy

Experienced Reactjs Developers  Providing High-End Web and Mobile App Development Solutions.

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Now a days, we are getting more frequent requests from Techbit existing and new clients to migrate their web apps from AngularJS 1.x to Angular2+. Its because of number of reasons. Our development team is  not continuing any new developments using AngularJS 1.x as Angular team will release AngularJS 1.7 till June, 2018 and then provide its support till June, 2021. All applications developed using AngularJS will work in near future. Migration from AngularJS 1.x to Angular is completely a re-writing process where coders have to re-write all the code by following TypeScript coding syntaxes.
What major differences are introduced in Angular as compared to AngularJS?
AngularJS is completely a java script library that uses scripting syntaxes to build web applications. On the other hand Angular is a framework that uses TypeScript to develop web applications. With the introduction of Angular 2, Native applications are getting developed just like React Native. Moreover its SEO friendly with compatibility of writing single page applications with lesser coding lines.
Techbit team is working on Angular 6 now and waiting for a stable release of Angular 7 to start following in the newer projects.