Sometimes, when we need to gather information from one person, it’s obvious you can ask them away. But when it comes to gathering information about/by 100+ people it’s not easy to ask away and write it down on your own. That’s where comes the BlazeForms. BlazeForms is a drag-and-drop tool that helps you create a form online and win high-value wins, even if you are non-tech-savvy. Capture more information by replacing your dull website’s form with a smart, interactive BlazeForms Form. No matter what industry you are in, from new subscribers to more sales, each time you are able to get your visitors to fill out a form with their personal information, you open up limitless possibilities.

Creator of BlazeForms

Team Techbit has devoted extensive time, and efforts to design & develop BlazeForms for one of its US-based client for their healthcare industry needs to generate online forms using a form builder. Whether you want to collect feedback or obtain contact details, this online form-builder is quite easy to get started and easy-to-use and comes with a myriad of advanced features for improved user experience.

Great emphasis has been put on the ease-of-use aspect, so that young entrepreneurs and marketers can quickly build customized forms with just a few simple clicks. The BlazeForms offers numerous online form fields.

Stay ahead of your competitors with Blazeforms! They use the latest innovative ideas in form-building to help you capture the information that drives your business.

Who is Techbit?

Techbit is an ingenious web development agency based in India, providing inventive solutions across the various technologies & industries.

BlazeForms is based on these advanced technologies: –

  • Angular
  •  ASP.NET Core
  • C#
  • Amazon AWS

Our panel of coders has vast experience over these latest technologies to create a solution that aligns with your unique business needs. We work with off-shore clients of varied industries to develop smart, cost-efficient, and leading-edge software solutions.

BlazeForms build forms for the following:

  • Healthcare
  • eCommerce
  • B2B
  • B2C
  • Data Entry
  • Survey

What Makes BlazeForms To Stand Out?         

  • Innovative, Creative, Persuasive: BlazeForms always stay one step ahead when it comes to form building technology and offer you amazing ways to collect client’s data.
  • Fingerprint Form Submission: BlazeForms is the number one choice when it comes to secure clients or employee’s information as it has the unique features of fingerprint sign in innovation and online form submission technology.
  • Streamline Your Workflow: Form-based workflows allow for the easy transfer of information from one user or department to another. BlazeForms have a multi-tiered workflow tool that makes it easy to stay organized and save time throughout any process.
  • Optimized to Convert: You have a visitor on your website for a reason. BlazeForms let you remind why, with compelling and interactive questions that increase conversion rates

Why Entrust Techbit To Develop an Advanced Web Portal Like BlazeForms?

  • The profundity of Experience: We’ve been around for over a decade. Let us utilize our experience to build a stunning new site like BlazeForms for you.
  • Boundless Revisions: With regards to structure – we’ll do, a great many updates, after amendment. Until you’re totally, absolutely, astounded.
  • Individual Service: We’ve fabricated our business on notoriety for incredible assistance, with an individual touch. You’ll talk straightforwardly with our web coders.
  • #1 in India: We’re the #1-positioned India website development company and have helped in excess of hundreds of businesses to get on the web.
  • Adaptability: Our administration doesn’t stop when we convey your site. We offer help for the life of your business.
  • WordPress Expert: Secure, steady, and strong. We use WordPress in light of the fact that we immovably trust it’s the best web stage available. Furthermore, a huge number of others concur.

So, why think or rethink, have a complex project in mind, connect with our innovation-driven programmers today.

Create your free account with BlazeForm following the link:


Today, there are thousands of individuals out there calling themselves coding nazis, deciding on the right one to infuse life into your vision with all their extensive knowledge & practical experience seems baffling.

With so much at stake, which includes your money, time, and efforts, you can’t go wrong choosing a software coder. Plus, your lack of a coding language further makes this task even trickier.

Don’t you worry, as here in this post, we’ve rounded up with tips to pick a credible software developer that suits your project and budget? So, without wasting any time, let’s get on with it:-

#1 Obtain Referrals

If you don’t have a word about coding, then starting from scratch can be a draining and time-consuming task.

You can fast-track the procedure by reaching out to people in your business community or those into the IT sector to help you out by providing worthy recommendations on top software coders.

Ensure you give a brief of your project so that they could recommend people that align with your requirements. After the advice, you single out easily by interviewing each candidate. Obtain multiple quotes to make the final call.

#2 Check The Portfolio

What if you are not fortunate enough to have some recommendations, and no coding knowledge? The best way out is to check their portfolio; go through their past project, and you’ll have a clear-cut idea of whether they have the expertise to deal with the complexity of your project or not.

Individuals with vast industry experience have their own set of methodologies and tactics that they implement for the successful completion of each project. So, a broad portfolio means the odds of everything having smoothly is on the higher side.

#3 Delivery Time

It is a no-brainer to select a software developer ready to deliver your project within your time frame, only if feasible. You must consider delivery time at least several weeks before the product launch as your employees can have first-hand use of the application to identify any bugs or functionality issues well before it reaches the hands of users.

So, discuss your expectations in terms of delivery time to your software developer, don’t you have to be stubborn on this, have a cushion for days here and there.

#4 Communication

Communication is the key when it comes to choosing the right software coder. The way he/she talks to you speaks a lot about their professionalism and confidence in their skills to translate your vision into reality. A good software developer is open for communication; they can reach out easily while working on the project.

Ideally, your software developer must work on the principle of agile methodologies; in this way, you can continuously communicate with them and ask necessary changes in between. Some coders go that extra mile in mailing their client’s daily progress at the end of the day. Hence, communication is of paramount importance to make the final call.

Do you have any practical experience to add to this mini-list, share with us in the comment section below.

Work from home has been offered by many IT companies from the last few years. The reason might be anything but it was limited to few conditions or maybe a few employees only. And today, millions of tech guys are around the world have started working fro home and due to the same reason, COVID-19 pandemic.

So, which is a more productive environment for employees? The work from home or work from the office? Well, it looks like we have the opportunity to find out. It has been more than 3 months now. The situation may extend to a few more weeks or even longer. Nevertheless, it might be a great opportunity for a lifestyle change. For many people, it’s a boon as they don’t need to take leaves anymore to go to their home or skip a meal so that they don’t miss their bus/public transport.

Work from home is maybe awesome. For a few, it may seem like newfound freedom, but along with that,  it comes with a responsibility as well. To help with the transition into this new way of working, here are we have some useful tips for you all to be productive:


  • Be Disciplined: It is vital to have strict routines or working hours, but be kind. Just like your usual days, wake up at the time, go through your work routine, and make your work from home routine just like work from the office along with your breaks.
  • Dress Properly: Do not wear pajamas, do not. The way you dress while working can influence your mood and attitude, so dress in proper work attire.
  • Set work hours: For Tech guys, work from home might allow flexibility, but keep the starting hours of the workday in a routine as much as possible. Also, set a target as it will dictate expectations and increase productivity.
  • Create a good routine with short exercise breaks: Along with your work, it is important to take a short break. Stretch your body, give a 2-minutes break to your mind. It will increase your interest level.


  • Have a daily standup meeting with your team: This can be done anytime, anywhere. Being an employee of an IT company, it is important to keep maintaining the essence of keeping it short and keeping your team or colleagues countable on each other in their respective tasks.
  • Have more social intersection: Work from home can be lonely sometimes, so plan a virtual tea break with your colleagues or team and keep interacting with them.
  • Use emoji: As you all know, text messages usually look more formal and serious on their own. So, to keep messages positive and to lighten the mood, sometimes add a smiley face. There’s a world of difference between saying DONE and done 🙂
  • Over-communicate: Work From Home means you cannot walk by a colleague to say something or anything. In IT companies, the matter can become urgent in seconds, so you can usually do redundancy in communication. For example, after an email is sent, also send a text message to the recipient or leave a ping.


  • Keep the television turned off: Technical work needs a lot of focus and television has been always a big distraction. Maybe some music in your ear works well for you, but not on TV.  Keep it off!
  • Don’t use Social Media: We are all guilty of this one from time to time, and social media can be one giant time-waster if you’re not careful.
  • Don’t make your rest space as your workspace: Do not work in the bedroom, you might get comfy and of course, the bed gives you a backache. Get a chair and table and set up your system systematically.


  • Keep a checklist: Whether you are working in the office or working from home, it is important to set a schedule for the day and keep track of daily tasks.
  • Avoid work creep: Work From Home can be invasive to your personal life. Without scheduled work hours, work can disturb your home life, and just like personal errands can disturb your work hours. Do not mix household chores into your work hours.


  • Prepare a conducive workspace: Along with having a high-speed internet connection and a reliable router, get a comfortable chair, and reserve a quiet space to be able to do focused work as being a tech guy, your work might have long hours and you require something that feels more comfortable and professional too.
  • Use a comfortable headset/device for calls: It is a good habit to mute your microphone during conference calls to minimize the amount of audio feedback and random sounds that interrupt the conversation. But your handset should not become an interruption when it isn’t muted and you are the one who’s talking.

Work from home is not only great for work-life balance but it increases ownership and performance and trains people to be focused and disciplined.

Everyone’s situation is different in terms of the home environment, personality, and habits. All you need to do is to ignore any tips that clash with your personal beliefs. Try out the most effective way of working for you and practice until it becomes part of a lifestyle.

Remember, “It takes 21 days to form a habit”.


A new poll in France says 7 out of 10 people think Microsoft did more to change the world than Apple. We think we would have similar results in other countries, if only because a lot more people (still!) use Microsoft products than Apple products, at least for personal computing which is (still!) the most important part of computing.

It’s hard to see a mention of Steve Jobs without the worlds “change the world” or “changing an industry.” And let’s give him his due. Let’s give him his due as one of the greatest entrepreneurs in history, as an amazing entrepreneur and visionary who left many “dents” in the universe. And he did change many industries, like music, film, and yes, personal computing.