Now a days, we are getting more frequent requests from Techbit existing and new clients to migrate their web apps from AngularJS 1.x to Angular2+. Its because of number of reasons. Our development team is  not continuing any new developments using AngularJS 1.x as Angular team will release AngularJS 1.7 till June, 2018 and then provide its support till June, 2021. All applications developed using AngularJS will work in near future. Migration from AngularJS 1.x to Angular is completely a re-writing process where coders have to re-write all the code by following TypeScript coding syntaxes.
What major differences are introduced in Angular as compared to AngularJS?
AngularJS is completely a java script library that uses scripting syntaxes to build web applications. On the other hand Angular is a framework that uses TypeScript to develop web applications. With the introduction of Angular 2, Native applications are getting developed just like React Native. Moreover its SEO friendly with compatibility of writing single page applications with lesser coding lines.
Techbit team is working on Angular 6 now and waiting for a stable release of Angular 7 to start following in the newer projects.

For every business, automating the business efforts through any software not only increases profits but also empowers efficiency into the system. But most of the customers always ask basic questions related to which kind of software will give most appropriate benefit to them. Its a practical question but still we help them in answering this question by showing a basic difference between website and mobile app.

A website is now a days is mobile responsive and consists of browser based HTML pages that are linked together to run over the internet connection. In the past, websites were not mobile friendly and didn’t fit on small devices i.e. mobile browsers. But now technology changes everyday that has brought mobile websites to be developed using standardized HTML tags to fit on small devices too.

Mobile apps are actual applications that gets downloaded from a verified online store and installed on the mobile devices. It doesn’t require any browser on the mobile. Mobile apps can do the same thing but can also run offline without any internet connection.

Following are few tips for a customer to choose vs mobile and website.

  • Mobile websites are preferred if the end goal of a business is public dealing and communication or marketing.
  • Mobile websites are obviously the first step for a business to come online to market their product and then mobile apps should be developed.
  • Mobile App are required for a business where we want to target gaming that requires app hardware resources to be best utilized.
  • In case where internet connection is not required, make sense to develop mobile native apps.
  • We can do everything in mobile websites now even i.e. open mobile camera, send SMS, GPS etc that requires mobile devices specific hardware utilization.

In conclusion, it depends upon the ultimate goal of the customer as technology is getting better day by day in website and mobile apps both.

In the past, digital forms relied upon complicated passwords that had to be changed regularly for security. But a new type of online form builder replaces the old, restrictive way of creating forms with a seamless, intuitive design process that enables a fingerprint scanner to be used for user identity and security. No more stolen or lost passwords to delay online data collection and form submissions.

Cloud-based forms are an increasingly popular way for web-based organizations to gather information online. But with data theft on the rise, it’s critical to have both an easy and secure way to collect information without risking the theft of valuable personal or corporate data. This challenge require a new kind of online form builder for Winchendon, Massachusetts that changes the way forms are created – one that uses biometrics.

The use of an online form builder with biometric security offers a number of benefits:

  • It provides flexible, secure, cloud-based options for gathering and submitting data
  • It offers thousands of form styling combinations
  • Easy form development for applications, surveys, schedules, and more
  • Unparalleled biometric data security

Thousands of styling combinations with a variety of customization options can make your forms unique and engaging. This innovative online form builder enables you to easily design virtually unlimited types of forms to collect the data you need for new leads, customer engagement, surveys, or anything else you may need.

This enhanced form building provides an improved workflow function that enables form designers to create more intuitive, creative, and easy-to-use forms that encourage users to fill them out and submit them, knowing their data is secure. This new way of creating forms makes it ideal for accepting online payments, providing quotes, collecting rent payments online, enabling users to schedule appointments, collect medical information, and it even simplifies the job application process.

To learn more about this innovative form builder with biometric security, contact the form-building specialists at Blazetools LLC.