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Expert ERP

We actualize your custom systems, servers, security, and data management all through your whole association with data integrity kept up in addition to almost no personal time brought about. Our designers acquaint the new stage with your business in a smooth and financially savvy understanding.

Consistent Data Migrations

Our profoundly talented developers update heritage frameworks guaranteeing data uprightness while relocating data, modernizing the data infrastructure, integrating raw data silos, and uncovering the data landscape to pick up the advantages of data administration and effectiveness.

Custom ERP Development

At Techbit, we construct custom usefulness to off the rack ERP development to meet your one of a kind plan of action. We can robotize work processes or BPM (Business Process Automation), solution modification, incorporate information imports and fares, and augmentation by making custom modules .

Custom-made Solutions

We redo ERP answers for make improved adaptable, undertaking wide ERP frameworks to robotize basic procedures and give key information bits of knowledge, versatile, and electronic stages giving constant access.

ERP System Configurations

We arrange the ERP software with specific roles, business insight, fields, alterations, improvement of interfaces, and expansion of specific fields, and the sky is the limit from there. Our designs guarantee each new role is advanced edge.

Expert ERP Consultants

We analyze your present business condition to recognize the inconsistencies of different systems and detailed strategies to incorporate and relocate mission-basic ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software into a joined foundation.

Your Future ERP Solution Can Feature

We have broad involvement with ERP usage, customizations, and combinations for strong ERP stages that fit your novel business style. Our designers use well known ERP programming including SAP ERP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle ERP, Oracle NetSuite, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

We have built up various successful solutions and increased an immense measure of understanding and knowledge in creating custom ERP solution in Logistics, Financial, Healthcare, Customer, and Business administrations. Also, we can execute social, cloud, and GEO includes in any future client-driven ERP framework.

How We Helped Our Clients

We are extremely satisfied with the quality of the work performed by Techbit Team. Would absolutely recommend them.

Hector Rodriguez

Was a great addition to the team. Stuck to deadlines and put a ton of work in. Would recommend!

Daniel Tashnek

What an experience! We have never met someone as dedicated, professional and passionate about their work before hiring Techbit! I know for a fact, we couldn’t afford not to hire them! If phenomenal developer is what you seek…. there is no other choice. Techbit team was totally worth the investment and time!

Keny Singh

I’m completely satisfied with every aspect of cooperation with Techbit and his team including commitment, quality of translation, adherence to deadlines and attention to details.

Island Park Dental

Your work is great---I'm trying to find more work for you ! Stay in touch will assign more tasks to you in near future.

Steven Landers

It was a pleasure to work with Techbit and team. Very trustworthy. Very reliable. Their work was of very high quality, and I would definitely work with them again. We developed a complex REST based application using .NET technology.

Jeff Baldwin

Super pleased with the work delivered. I’m definitely planning on continuing since the quality was high, great communication, and on a tight deadline, not afraid to put in the work to get things done on time! The work was fairly complex and I felt comfortable about ability to deliver the whole time. Given the skill level, professionalism, and quality of work, I’m likely to continue again in the future.

Karibu Nyaggah

    Hiring ERP Developers

    We are diverse, passionate, and highly curious tech enthusiasts who are sowing the seeds for a better tomorrow.

    What We Have Developed
    For Our Clients?

    Grow your report

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    Shipping Solutions

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    Digital Product Design Service: All Your Questions Answered

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    It aims to provide positive experiences that keep users loyal to the product or brand.

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    Powerful Online Form Builder for Healthcare and other Businesses

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    Why having ERP Software Development Company is Important

    Why having ERP Software Development Company is Important

    Every business has its own process, regulations, products, and services which are unique from the other.