M-Learning – Changing the Face of Education

What is M-learning?

M-learning is therefore learning, using personal electronic devices, as per the convenience in terms of portability, mobility of the user, and forms a mode of living, or distance education.

The devices that help m-learning incorporate cell phones, tablets, note pads, mp3 players, and handheld PCs. These empower the client to convey loads of information or download anything, whenever and; stay updated with the most recent content, news, recordings, multimedia applications; on the go.

Why M-learning?

M-learning is a faster and easier way of dissipating and gathering information. Round the clock availability of news, timely updates, interactive videos, and online forums make then world a classroom and the gadget one’s teacher.

M-learning is the answer to the problems of restrictions placed on those who cannot go to school on a regular basis. Homeschooling has achieved an altogether new meaning with the concept at hand.

The technologically hungry generation has no barriers, whatsoever.

Break the taboos

Blackboards are no more the instrument of a teacher; they have been transformed into electronic gorilla glass-coated screens, with world-class retina display and state of the art light and color adjustment features.

Teachers now no more have to be those stern-looking professionally clad humans who are characterized by a whipping stick. The apps and PDF files and eBooks are the novel storehouse of knowledge.

M-learning has eased teachers’ burden by providing them the facilities of real-time assessments and results. With a wide range of affordable mobile phones and tablets, kids today have easy access to M-learning sources. Also, m-learning reduces physical barriers and is a solitary form of learning, in a virtual social mode; ensuring best of the both worlds.

Thus learning was not ever easier, or mobile enough.

Breath young, Learn old

Black and white course book pages have now been changed into the applications, PDF records, eBooks, and assorted sight and sound arrangements, accessible all through and nonstop that makes adapting only fun.

Development is the topic they work on. Proceeded with updates and highlights make the learning experience fun. For babies, games increment their recognition and make faculties more grounded. Self-teaching was rarely simpler.

Each One Teach One

Easier OS and methods of operating these devices increase the ease of learning, and the freedom of personalization (especially Android), makes it user friendly. Apps are also specially designed for the physically handicapped, making their experience personalized and hassle-free.

These apps are a boon to the people in remote areas where even basic educational infrastructure is a distant dream. Kids (and even adults) there get a rabid chance of climbing the technological and education all adder; at the same time; with m-learning tools.

With the availability of text in multiple languages, audio-visual mode of learning, state of the art interaction facilities; education has become reachable for the common man.

Apps and websites doing the needful

M-learning is easier with the availability of apps and websites meant for the same.

M-learning makes interaction widespread and easier with virtual classrooms and panels online.

Students become more exploratory with unlimited resources available in no time. A worldwide phenomenon of education, m-learning dissolves geographical barriers and enhances the quality of learning.

What’s in store for the future?

Old school approaches are easily tackled with, and newer learning methods are ushered in. The traditional forms of education, restricted knowledge, confirmation to ideas and principles, lack of epistemological sources; are all answered to when learning is not limited to four walls and paperback textbooks.

With extreme developments, open-source innovations, less expensive equipment m-learning is without a doubt the following huge advance towards changing the face of education. With its advantageous format and simple openness, it can possibly change the universe of instruction significantly.

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