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A decade ago, web pages were mostly static, with a few images and videos scattered around. In 2005, thanks to Ajax, it made it possible to create better, faster, and more interactive web applications.


A web application, also known as a web app, is nothing but a computer program that uses a web browser to perform a specific function. A web application is a client-server program that comprises a client-side and a server-side. The user enters data through the client-side (front-end), while the server-side (back-end) of the application stores and processes the information. For example, shopping carts, content management systems, and online forms are typical web applications. Both enterprises and individuals develop web applications to fulfill different purposes

How does a Web Application Work?

Web applications are accessed over a network and need not be downloaded. Instead, users can access web applications through browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Safari.

A web application is built around three components- a Web Server, an Application Server, and a Database. The web server manages requests from the client, the application server processes requests, and the database stores the information.

  • User triggers a request to the web server, either through a web browser or the application’s user interface, over the internet.

  • Web server receives the request from the browser.

  • Web server then instructs the appropriate web application server to process the request.

  • Application server performs the requested task and generates the result.

  • Web server displays the requested information of a user on the screen.

How We Develop Web Application?


The first step is to define the problem you want to solve with a web application and collect all the relevant information needed for app development. A well-defined problem will give an excellent head-start to the project and help you identify the best solution. Next, clarify the purpose and the end goals of the application. During the planning phase, the developers will take a run to answer the following questions.

  • What app do you want to build?
  • What features and functions should it include?
  • What is the audience of your product?

Prototype & Development

Post-design, the next step is to build the application. The following steps will happen in this phase.

  • To create a database for storage, the developers need to determine what data and data types are required for the application to perform well.
  • Developers will create interaction between the user and the server.
  • Based on the application type, that is, client-side/ server-side/ single-page, programming is done.

Test and Implement

Whether an automated or manual web application, testing for the web application is an ongoing process throughout the software development lifecycle. Testing is an inevitable part of the software development process.

The Testing (QA) team will test the app for usability, compatibility, functionality, security, and performance to eliminate bugs and ensure that the application works without any glitches. Testing also helps identify any possible improvements and upgrades to make in the future. Once the testing is complete, you can finally implement the application in your company or your customer’s side.

Hosting and Maintenance

You must buy a domain and choose a hosting provider to create a server location for the app. We help you choose shared hosting, dedicated hosting, or cloud hosting based on your requirements. Maintenance of the application or website includes:

  • Ongoing QA testing
  • Bug fixes and improvements
  • Providing regular updates and technical support

Types of Web Applications

Static Web Application

A static web application does not involve any interaction between the user and the server. It directly displays the content to the end user’s browser without fetching any data from the server-side. They are pretty simple and easy to manage.

Dynamic Web Application

A web application that interacts with the client and generates real-time data based on user requests is called a dynamic web application. Dynamic web applications are substantially more complex and intricate on a technical level.

eCommerce Web Application

A web application in the form of a store or shop that promotes buying or selling anything online is classified as e-commerce. This web application requires some core features like electronic payment integration,

CMS Web Apps

A content management system (CMS) software lets users create, manage, and modify content on a website without possessing any technical knowledge of web programming or markup languages.

Portal Web Application

Portal web apps refer to applications that allow authenticated and authorized user access to a company’s data repository. Portals are best suited for businesses and enterprises that let users create a personal profile and include various details such as chats, emails, and forums to publish content.

Single-Page Application

Single Page Application or SPA is a dynamic application that empowers visitors to communicate within a browser with no hindrances at a pace. User requests and responses occur effectively and faster than conventional web applications because SPA executes logic on the internet browser rather than the server.

Multi-Page Application

Multi-page applications or MPAs consist of multiple pages and reload the entire page from the server whenever a user navigates to a different page. MPAs are built using different languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, etc. These applications provide vast information about company products or services.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web applications (PWA) are the most popular and well-developed types of web applications that look similar to mobile applications. They are also known as cross-platform web applications, which use the latest browser APIs and progressive enhancement methods to offer a native mobile app experience.

Technology For Developing Web Apps

Database Technologies

Due to its simplicity and multifunctionality, MySQL is one of the most preferred databases utilized for web application development.

Client-Side Programming

To develop the client-side of an app that the users interact with, you can choose highly efficient front-end JavaScript frameworks such as React JS, Angular JS etc.

Server-Side Programming

In Server-Side Programming, Frameworks such as Go, Ruby, Java, PHP, Django & Python are some of the most powerful back-end development technologies.

Benefits of Web Application Development

Speed and Cost

Web application development is faster and more economical than building native apps. Therefore, if the primary goal is to accelerate time-to-market, web application development is the best choice for businesses.

Browser compatibility

A web application runs on the device’s browser using an accessible URL. Modern web applications are compatible with all browsers, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Bing.

Expanded Security

Web applications are typically deployed on dedicated servers, constantly monitored, and managed by experienced server administrators. This is more effective than monitoring hundreds or even thousands of client computers, as with desktop applications.

Reduced operating costs

Web application development is a great way to cut down operating costs. It drives to eliminate unnecessary expenses such as hardware purchases, frequent device updates, and maintenance of numerous systems.

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What an experience! We had never met someone as dedicated, professional, and passionate about their work before hiring Techbit! I know for a fact, we couldn’t afford to hire them! If the phenomenal developer is what you seek…. there is no other choice. The Techbit team was totally worth the investment and time!

Keny Singh,

It was a pleasure to work with Techbit and the team. Very trustworthy. Very reliable. Their work was of very high quality, and I would definitely work with them again. We developed a complex REST-based application using .NET technology.

Jeff Baldwin,

Super pleased with the work delivered. I’m definitely planning on continuing since the quality was high, great communication, and on a tight deadline, not afraid to put in the work to get things done on time! The work was fairly complex and I felt comfortable about ability to deliver the whole time. Given the skill level, professionalism, and quality of work, I’m likely to continue again in the future.

Karibu Nyaggah,

We are extremely satisfied with the quality of the work performed by Techbit Team. Would absolutely recommend them.

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Was a great addition to the team. Stuck to deadlines and put a ton of work in. Would recommend!

Daniel Tashnek,
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