Modern Statement

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Modern Slavery Statement

At Techbit Solutions we recognize that slavery and human trafficking are an increasing concern on a global basis and we are committed to preventing acts of modern slavery and human trafficking from occurring within our business and supply chains. We also expect the same high standards from our employees, Client’s and other business partners and will not work with any organisation where we suspect any involvement in modern slavery.

01 Modern Slavery Policy

Establish and assess areas of potential risk in our business and supply chains.

02 Whistle blowing Policy

Provide adequate protection for whistle blowers.

03 Policy on Reporting Malpractice

Establish and assess areas of potential risk in our business and supply chains.

Due Diligence

As part of our own business, we supply temporary personnel to a number of clients. We take our obligations seriously in this respect and have well established and audited procedures to ensure that those temporary workers are protected from the risks of modern slavery. We ensure that:  

  • We take relevant references to ensure the individual is hired in a role that they have both the qualifications and experience to undertake.
  • We carry out detailed background checks and ensure all contracts comply with all legal requirements regarding workers’ rights.
  • Where we are responsible for such temporary personnel while they are on assignment on our client’s premises, they are always free to leave their assignment.

Risk & Compliance

As our core business is focused on the provision of recruitment services in respect of professionals, office and administrative workers (rather than in relation to agriculture, retail or manufacturing, which are sectors we perceive to present a higher risk of labour exploitation and modern slavery), we do not consider that we operate in a particularly high-risk sector. 

Continuing Actions

Employees and contractors (‘staff’) are required to adhere to the Trinity Code of Conduct and are encouraged to identify and report any potential breaches of our Modern Slavery Policy.

We provide periodic training on Modern Slavery for our staff and continue the reach of our targeted training for our subsidiaries network of representatives overseas.