Work from home has been offered by many IT companies from the last few years. The reason might be anything but it was limited to few conditions or maybe a few employees only. And today, millions of tech guys are around the world have started working fro home and due to the same reason, COVID-19 pandemic.

So, which is a more productive environment for employees? The work from home or work from the office? Well, it looks like we have the opportunity to find out. It has been more than 3 months now. The situation may extend to a few more weeks or even longer. Nevertheless, it might be a great opportunity for a lifestyle change. For many people, it’s a boon as they don’t need to take leaves anymore to go to their home or skip a meal so that they don’t miss their bus/public transport.

Work from home is maybe awesome. For a few, it may seem like newfound freedom, but along with that,  it comes with a responsibility as well. To help with the transition into this new way of working, here are we have some useful tips for you all to be productive:


  • Be Disciplined: It is vital to have strict routines or working hours, but be kind. Just like your usual days, wake up at the time, go through your work routine, and make your work from home routine just like work from the office along with your breaks.
  • Dress Properly: Do not wear pajamas, do not. The way you dress while working can influence your mood and attitude, so dress in proper work attire.
  • Set work hours: For Tech guys, work from home might allow flexibility, but keep the starting hours of the workday in a routine as much as possible. Also, set a target as it will dictate expectations and increase productivity.
  • Create a good routine with short exercise breaks: Along with your work, it is important to take a short break. Stretch your body, give a 2-minutes break to your mind. It will increase your interest level.


  • Have a daily standup meeting with your team: This can be done anytime, anywhere. Being an employee of an IT company, it is important to keep maintaining the essence of keeping it short and keeping your team or colleagues countable on each other in their respective tasks.
  • Have more social intersection: Work from home can be lonely sometimes, so plan a virtual tea break with your colleagues or team and keep interacting with them.
  • Use emoji: As you all know, text messages usually look more formal and serious on their own. So, to keep messages positive and to lighten the mood, sometimes add a smiley face. There’s a world of difference between saying DONE and done 🙂
  • Over-communicate: Work From Home means you cannot walk by a colleague to say something or anything. In IT companies, the matter can become urgent in seconds, so you can usually do redundancy in communication. For example, after an email is sent, also send a text message to the recipient or leave a ping.


  • Keep the television turned off: Technical work needs a lot of focus and television has been always a big distraction. Maybe some music in your ear works well for you, but not on TV.  Keep it off!
  • Don’t use Social Media: We are all guilty of this one from time to time, and social media can be one giant time-waster if you’re not careful.
  • Don’t make your rest space as your workspace: Do not work in the bedroom, you might get comfy and of course, the bed gives you a backache. Get a chair and table and set up your system systematically.


  • Keep a checklist: Whether you are working in the office or working from home, it is important to set a schedule for the day and keep track of daily tasks.
  • Avoid work creep: Work From Home can be invasive to your personal life. Without scheduled work hours, work can disturb your home life, and just like personal errands can disturb your work hours. Do not mix household chores into your work hours.


  • Prepare a conducive workspace: Along with having a high-speed internet connection and a reliable router, get a comfortable chair, and reserve a quiet space to be able to do focused work as being a tech guy, your work might have long hours and you require something that feels more comfortable and professional too.
  • Use a comfortable headset/device for calls: It is a good habit to mute your microphone during conference calls to minimize the amount of audio feedback and random sounds that interrupt the conversation. But your handset should not become an interruption when it isn’t muted and you are the one who’s talking.

Work from home is not only great for work-life balance but it increases ownership and performance and trains people to be focused and disciplined.

Everyone’s situation is different in terms of the home environment, personality, and habits. All you need to do is to ignore any tips that clash with your personal beliefs. Try out the most effective way of working for you and practice until it becomes part of a lifestyle.

Remember, “It takes 21 days to form a habit”.