With the use of the AngularJS framework for web development, many developers have increased their productivity.

AngularJS and Angular is the most preferable framework when it comes to the web development industry. Many companies like Google have developed and maintained the AngularJS framework for easy and engaging web development. It is an open-source web application written and developed with JavaScript. The framework is mostly used by the companies having a single web page requirement or the web applications having single page design. Once the web development companies have adopted the AngularJS framework, the development and implementation of the application have become easier.

AngularJS and Angular frameworks are available for the development of the web page which is internet friendly. Those days are gone when broken links and unresponsive websites were hosted on the Internet. In the modern era, the Internet is full of faster and responsive web pages that are used by users. This also gives a competitive edge to companies over others.

Why AngularJS is so popular?

The framework uses the HTML template and most of the sets of the codes are written and stored in the AngularJS and Angular Framework. The main reason that adds to the popularity of the AngularJS framework is it helps in the simplification process of developing webpages. The libraries can be used for many areas of development like managing the site pages, validations, routing, and deep linking issues.

What is the Advantage of AngularJS?

The MVC Architecture

Many of the web app development tools and frameworks lack the advantage of MVC (Model View Controller) Architecture. With this feature, the developer can easily string the code and bind them together without the need for manual labor. The framework is equipped with the MVC architecture that saves time for the team.

Offers Multiple modules for Web Development

Another reason that developers and companies love AngularJS is the feature of offering different modules for web application development. The developer can develop the separate modules for single application which are co-dependent. Later, they can be pooled together and form a single web application.

Ease of Testing the developed Web

With the AngularJS framework testing the developed web page is very easy. It can separate the module and run the data on the page for the right implementation.

Why Choose Techbit Solutions for AngularJS Development Service?

With the continuous presence in the IT industry, Techbit now has immense expertise in the working of the framework. We have mastered the old AngularJS version 1.0 and now we are gaining our mastery over Angular version 2.0. our developers are already ready with the latest knowledge about the latest version 9.


What AngularJS Services are provided by Techbit Solutions?

We offer the following array of services in the AngularJS and Angular versions-

  • Development of the Single page web application or website page
  • Migration from the old version of AngularJS to the new version of Angular(up to 9).
  • Two-way binding of the data from the application
  • Migration from Plain Old Java Object
  • Checking of Code quality and testability of the application

Why Techbit is the right choice for AngularJS and Angular framework-based development?

Our developers are conversant with the Angular framework for years now. We offer you tailor-made services for the web application. We opt for the right set of codes for the job and alter it as per your requirement. At Techbit we offer a high level of efficiency with the framework and offer a reliable web application for your business.

The team of developers at Techbits are professionals with complete knowledge of the Angular JS framework. They also ensure that the client is satisfied with the performance and the security of the application.

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