Wireframes and Mockups

When you portrait the designing process of a website or application, you possibly think of the complex coding and digital interfaces required to bring those vivid designs to life. 

But most designs start on a much simpler scale.


Wireframes vs mockups

While designing an application or webpage, UX and UI designers and developers utilize a variety of planning tools to iterate their ideas and outline their solutions. There are three main stages of visual outlines:

  • Wireframes
  • Mockups
  • Prototypes

Every solution assists designers plan and envisions their designs at variable degrees of specifics and functionality through the development phase.

What is a wireframe? 

A wireframe can be termed as a basic layout or framework of the design and functions of a user interface – an application or a website. In simple words, it is representing a structure of a website employing a paper and pencil, a whiteboard and a marker, or a computer-based wireframing tool. It describes only the fundamental structure, functions, and contents of the page.  Wireframes assist the team in making vital decisions quickly and early, about the user flow, information hierarchy, and page density. It gives you the freedom to experiment, personalize the template, build harmony, and unfold vital requirements.

A good wireframe should describe:

  • grouping of the content
  • structure of the information
  • the most fundamental visuals involved in the UI interaction

The main objective of wireframing is documentation and design configuration, but can also be illustrated to clients and stakeholders to acquire feedback while changes aren’t difficult to make.

Benefits of Wireframes:

  • Having your wireframes within reach can make it convenient for you to convey your concepts to your design team and how your design would work with approachability in mind. 
  • Wireframes give transparency to your assignments, allowing you to work through all the interfaces and layout requirements.
  • Wireframes give an idea to your client thinking about what their specific requirements are and help them express their project objectives and what their prime focus should be.
  • Wireframes help designers outline numerous sections of the website, resulting in a more fluid artistic process.
  • Wireframes can help convey the core message of your website more efficiently and collect feedback at an initial stage.
  • Wireframes give the developer a clear depiction of the elements that need to be coded.  

What is a mockup?


A mockup is a stagnant prominent visual design draft of a project or device, used to signify the configuration of information, envision the content, and statically determine the elementary functionalities. 

They offer graphic details, like colors and typography. While wireframes are design placeholders, mockups are built to give the viewer a more genuine impression of how the finished product will appear.

A mockup characteristically includes additional visual details like:

  • Colour Scheme: The color scheme denotes the colors and shades you can use in your project. Picking the right colors should make a website more noticeable.
  • Content Layout: This refers to how web content is displayed on a screen or web page like F-pattern, Z -pattern, etc.
  • Typography: Topography includes the font type, size, and style, text spacing, and alignment. 
  • User Navigation Visual Tools: A pull-down menu, a sider, a set of arrows, toggles, sliders, or a footer comes under it.
  • White Space: Proper Spacing objects to strike a seamless balance in web design.

We, the team of Techbit, are here to help you get the best web designing by using wireframes and mock-ups. Make your website stand out and attract more customers by choosing the experts from Techbit to do it for you. We provide unique, economic and outstanding web design services to all our clients. 

While wireframes are simply shapes and placeholders, mockups are intended to give the viewer a precise imprint of what the final product will look like. Both are essential steps while designing a web page that is readable as well as attractive at the same time. Using wireframes and mockups saves a lot of time and minimizes the appearance of mistakes.

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