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React Native Development Services

We have React Native Development Services for both Android and iPhone.

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Your Team – Your Terms

Flawless Cross-Platform React Native Application Development

Include existing native code and seamlessly interact with native APIs through JavaScript and React Native’s declarative UI paradigm for peerless application efficiency.

React Native Consulting

Mobilize teams of experts who will deeply understand your mobile app development goals and provide consulting and road maps.

React Native Development

Evoke highly efficient react native services to develop mobile apps for Android, iOS , and other platforms and then on to customizations.

React Native Augmentation

Now sport an extended arm by augmenting an in-house team of React Native experts and following an outsourced development model.

React Native Services are provided by Techbit Solutions

  • UI / UX and API Development

  • ReactJS Front End Development

  • ReactJS Native App Development

  • React Native Cross-Platform App Development

  • React Native Windows App Development

  • React Native iOS App Development

  • React.js Social And Interactive App

  • React Native App Development

Why React Native For Your Application Development?

Cross Platform

One of the significant advantages of the React Native framework is “the use of one codebase.” As a result, cross-platform apps show the same level of performance as native apps. React Native uses ReactJS with native UI library and native APIs.

Trust Worthy

Before React Native was developed and launched, Facebook made a mobile app to check the platform’s viability. It helped their developers to build an amazing mobile app for the social media platform.

High Performing Apps

React Native uses a simplified binding strategy for its codebase. Therefore, to change one object, you have to modify its state before applying updates. That will help you develop a more stable and reliable application than other cross-platform development methods.

Third-Party Plugins

React Native offers third-party plugin support. The two types of plugins applicable are Native Modules and JavaScript Modules. So, for instance, if you want to add Google Calendar or Google Maps to your basic app, then through React Native, you can link to any plugin with a Native or third-part

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The Process Of How We Work With Our Clients


A well-defined strategy and conceptualized idealization for new products is the key to ascending business goals. We aim to emphasis the target audience of our client and accordingly create a value-driven statement to make the road-map for clear objectives and specifications.

Analysis & Planning

Sprint planning with a clear and in-depth analysis of new products is the best and the easiest way to achieve the milestone. We create an application framework and identify technical architecture that will provide support to the software.

UI/UX Design

A seamless User Experience using an effective User Interface is very critical in the App development process. Our skilled UI/UX designers document specific tools and techniques required to support the final product.


We enhance the horizon of your business by developing a robust, dynamic, scalable, secure, and error-free app. Our highly-skilled app developers use their years of expertise in building Android, iOS, hybrid, cross-platform apps, and many more apps.

Quality Assurance

Delivering over-the-top products has always been a habit of Techbit Solutions. Thus, we thoroughly test every app we build to provide quality. Through the testing process of the app, we make sure that the apps we deliver are usable, stable, and secure.


Structuring, developing and testing of an app is followed by the final step i.e. launching the app. Being a reliable and efficient app development company, we provide all these facilities as well to our clients.

Real-life results

How We Helped Our Clients

What an experience! We had never met someone as dedicated, professional, and passionate about their work before hiring Techbit! I know for a fact, we couldn’t afford to hire them! If the phenomenal developer is what you seek…. there is no other choice. The Techbit team was totally worth the investment and time!

Keny Singh,

It was a pleasure to work with Techbit and the team. Very trustworthy. Very reliable. Their work was of very high quality, and I would definitely work with them again. We developed a complex REST-based application using .NET technology.

Jeff Baldwin,

Super pleased with the work delivered. I’m definitely planning on continuing since the quality was high, great communication, and on a tight deadline, not afraid to put in the work to get things done on time! The work was fairly complex and I felt comfortable about ability to deliver the whole time. Given the skill level, professionalism, and quality of work, I’m likely to continue again in the future.

Karibu Nyaggah,

We are extremely satisfied with the quality of the work performed by Techbit Team. Would absolutely recommend them.

Hector Rodriguez,

Was a great addition to the team. Stuck to deadlines and put a ton of work in. Would recommend!

Daniel Tashnek,
Our Projects

What We Have Developed For Our Clients?

  • Radiant Craft

    Learn how to custom-make your own Gemstone Swarovski Pearl necklace from scratch using beads.

  • Pink Rabbit

    We allows individuals to discover new strengths, new passions, new memories, and make new friendships.

  • SP Capital

    SP Capital is an investment firm specializing in real estate investments to maximizing real estate asset value.

  • Pegasus

    Pagasus ensure the future of patient care in safe hand with more hospitals adopting electronic health records.

React Native Solutions

All Your Questions Answered

How much does it costs to develop an app?2023-07-07T13:08:54+00:00

Based on the project requirements, we share a project proposal with budget and timeline estimates.

Why do I need React Native developer?2023-07-06T12:44:12+00:00

Is is used to develop applications for Android , Android TV, iOS , macOS, tvOS, Web, Windows and UWP by enabling developers to use the React framework along with native platform capabilities.

How can I benefit from the application developed in React Native?2023-07-06T12:44:29+00:00

Benefits of using React Native compared to native app development: Faster development: React Native allows developers to write a single codebase that runs on both iOS and Android, which can save significant time and resources compared to developing separate native applications for each platform.

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Hire thought, and industry-leading teams to mobilize avant-garde React Native app development services and craft intuitive cross-platform mobile applications with faster time-to-market, shorter development cycles, and reduced development times, resulting in stunning, high-performing tech assets for your business.

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